Senior Living Marketing Strategy

The Power of Marketing Disruption


Cut through the noise & create connections for your communities from the first digital touchpoint

Senior Living Operators Are You...

… looking for a marketing partner with industry experience?

… tired of getting lost in the latest strategies and tactics of digital search?

… ready to stand out from the competition online?

… considering how you can increase inquiries with better qualified traffic?

… wanting to reduce your reliance on third party lead aggregators?

Are you a senior living operator tired of getting lost in the latest strategies and tactics of digital search? Do you want to stand out from the competition online and increase inquiries with better-qualified traffic? At SmartEDGE, we offer a holistic digital solution that cuts through the noise and creates connections for your communities from the first digital touchpoint.

Our team, powered by decades of senior living and digital marketing experience, is dedicated to giving operators smarter, stronger, and sustainable results. We take a boutique digital agency approach and custom fit your traffic strategy, your automation strategy, and support for your online presence.

It is time to add some EDGE to your digital marketing strategies!

Take a look at what Smart EDGE is all about

We are SmartEDGE - a holistic digital solution for senior living disruptors. Powered by decades of senior living and digital marketing experience, our team is dedicated to giving operators smarter, stronger, and sustainable results!

Benefits of going Boutique

SmartEDGE is brought to you by experienced senior living digital marketing professionals who are personally committed to the success of your communities. We are a boutique digital agency model which means we only work with operators who align with our approach for doing digital.

There are no mass-market, batched content approaches to making your community show up online. We custom fit your traffic strategy, your automation strategy, and support for your online presence.

We serve as your digital partner to bring you more targeted traffic, strategic recommendations on your entire marketing plan, and help you embrace digital technologies and automations. Our holistic approach means we help you see how each tactic in your plan connects and where you can optimize for a better inquiry-to-tour ratios.


Meet Smart Edge

SmartEDGE is a boutique marketing agency built from a collaboration of great minds.

Introducing the collaborative founders of SmartEDGE, Gina Bultman and Katie Holt, two highly skilled professionals with a passion for delivering results. With over two decades of experience in marketing and senior living strategy, they bring a unique blend of strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence to every project they undertake.

Together, Gina and Katie have a proven track record of delivering high-impact results for their clients. They approach each project with a collaborative attitude and a deep understanding of the importance of communication and teamwork. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and goals, and they have a talent for turning complex problems into actionable solutions.

Gina and Katie are always seeking new ways to stay current with the latest trends and best practices. They are active participants in professional organizations and regular attendees at industry events, where they expand their knowledge and network with peers.

If you're looking for a team that can bring creative thinking, strategic solutions, and a commitment to excellence to your organization, look no further than Gina Bultman and Katie Holt. They are a dynamic duo who are leading the team that is eager to bring their skills and expertise to help you increase your bottom line.

Katie Smart Edge

Katie Holt

  • Digital Marketing Nerd
  • Over 15 years of Sales & Marketing experience
  • Specializing in senior living automation solutions

Gina Bultman

  • Owned an Award Winning Digital Marketing business since 1999
  • Over 23 years helping businesses like yours.
  • Worked with businesses across the US & UK

The SmartEDGE Solution

Be A Disruptor

There are many things you can do to influence your digital marketing strategy…but there are only a few things you should be focused on when it comes to delivering results. 


Our SmartEDGE solution is a holistic service package designed to support multi-location senior living operators who need a reliable partner for executing a digital strategy that aligns with their sales process. 


In this solution, we provide:

  • Corporate-level guidance for internal marketing teams
  • A cohesive & holistic strategy that drives traffic, conversions, and engagement
  • Full-service implementation of services with experts in their fields of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Marketing Automation, and website development for Conversion Rate Optimization.


Plus…get fast & direct access to your team for a responsive and collaborative partnership to support your occupancy goals.

How it works

As a team, we are committed to Productive & Profitable Partnerships where you own your assets, your data, and your systems so you are in full control of each part of your strategy.

Start with the Strategy

Every SmartEDGE client starts with our Strategy Audit Intensive process. 

This is designed to give you the data you need to make an informed decision for each location in your portfolio. The audit report and strategy action plan will empower you and your team with the exact next steps for executing a smart digital marketing strategy.

For qualified senior living operators

We offer our Total EDGE full service package. This package is specifically for teams looking for a digital partner who can support and elevate your current digital strategy.

Total EDGE includes:

  • Full Service Digital Strategy Plans
  • Google Traffic Package (SEO, Local Search, and PPC)
  • Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement
  • Website & Conversion Rate Optimization


Ready to

Be A Marketing Disruptor?




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