Are your marketing efforts paying off and getting you maximum results?

It's time to see behind the curtain and start leveraging data-driven insights to enhance your marketing ROI and drive your business growth.

Running a senior living community is a complex mission. Juggling staff management, resident satisfaction, and facility maintenance can leave marketing neglected. Marketing often takes a back seat.

But it's time to change the game.


Introducing the SmartEDGE Audit: Your Marketing Breakthrough

Unlock the power of your marketing with the SmartEDGE Audit, thoughtfully designed exclusively for senior living operators like you. Our comprehensive review digs deep into your marketing strategies, revealing untapped opportunities and providing actionable insights to attract more residents and boost occupancy rates.

Experience the power of SmartEdge with a one-time Audit, no recurring engagements required.

Why Choose SmartEDGE?
Experience, Expertise, Excellence

  • 1

    Tailored to Your Industry

    We specialize in the senior living sector, understanding its unique challenges and opportunities. Our strategies are precisely tuned to ensure you achieve targeted success.

  • 2

    Holistic Analysis

    Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches. Our audit assesses all aspects of your marketing, from your online presence to community outreach, offering a complete view of your efforts.

  • 3

    Actionable Solutions

    We don't just identify problems; we equip you with practical solutions that deliver real results. Start implementing changes immediately to witness the impact.

  • 4

    Increase Occupancy Rates

    Ultimately, the goal of our SmartEDGE Audit is to help you increase your occupancy rates. By optimizing your digital marketing strategy and improving your online presence, you'll be able to attract more potential residents and convert them into long-term residents, ultimately driving revenue growth for your senior living community.

Elevate Your Marketing - Ignite Your Success!

Your marketing shouldn't be an afterthought; it should be a driving force. With the SmartEDGE Audit, you can supercharge your efforts, attract more residents, and set your community on a path to unparalleled success.

What You Get From a SmartEDGE Audit

Clear & concise digital marketing strategy

Detailed audit report for each location

Competitive analysis & comparison

Fresh perspective on your current digital performance

A market-by-market analysis of what is working for each community

Portfolio comparison report in each digital area

A 90-Day Action Plan to save your team time

Immediate insights & changes you can make right away to improve performance

3-hour strategy session with knowledgeable, senior living digital professionals

Experience the power of SmartEdge with a one-time Audit, no recurring engagements required.

SmartEDGE is Powered by Industry Experts

Katie Smart Edge

Katie Holt

Digital Marketing Nerd

Over 15 years of Sales & Marketing experience

Specializing in senior living automation solutions

Gina smart edge

Gina Bultman

Owns an Award Winning Digital Marketing business since 1999.

Over 23 years helping businesses like yours.

Worked with businesses across the US & UK

Sarah Sheridan

Sarah Sheridan

Passionate about senior living + digital marketing

10+ years of digital marketing experience in Senior Living

Eternal student with a curiosity to learn more


We get significant amount of more leads and run more efficiently. As I navigated a rebrand of our business and had very specific legal deadlines to meet, I especially appreciated the diligence to deliver on time.

Jim Bettinger

This company exemplifies everything you need in a Digital Marketer. Katie has an innate ability to strategize short- and long-term Marketing goals, and her approach is fresh and concise. She will always provide you with effective strategies that will help increase your business’s traffic in a straightforward, honest manner.

Lawrence Mendez

Ways We Work With Senior Living Operators

Brand Strategy & Messaging

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing


Traffic Strategies

Website Design

Paid Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Reviews & Reputation Management

Analytics & Measurement

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