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Powered by the SmartEDGE methodology, we want to reward your curiosity with a sweet treat after SMASH 2023. 


Discover the power of automating your lead generation and nurture processes through fully executed campaigns designed to deliver quality leads and drive your occupancy results.


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No. Qualified senior living operators, management companies, and community team members are eligible to receive Brownie Points for Free.

Nope. These are traditional delicious chocolate brownies with chocolate chips inside. No funny business here. They are delicious!

Nope. Not here. We may send a monthly update with tips, tools, and resources that are helpful for operators and in-house marketing teams. But…no hard sales process here.

Well…that’s a bummer! Contact our team and let us find an alternative for you. OR…sign up and give the brownies to a friend. Please don’t eat these brownies if you are allergic.

Then, you may not be human…just sayin’! If you don’t like brownies, you are not obligated to sign up or eat them. You can still get on our schedule for a SmartEDGE Digital Discovery call…that is something we are sure you will enjoy!

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