Welcome to the Senior Living Operator Marketing video series

Join us for an informative and engaging journey as we cover a range of topics relevant to senior living community operators. Our video series will provide you with valuable insights into how to effectively manage your digital assets and enhance your online presence.

Our presenters, Katie Holt and Gina Bultman, are seasoned experts in the field of digital marketing, with years of experience helping senior living communities grow their online presence. They will be providing practical tips and best practices that you can apply to your own communities to achieve success. We'll also be talking with other seasoned experts to help you learn about the latest ideas and practical ways to boost your marketing efforts.

We're so glad you're here.  Cheers to taking the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your senior living communities' online presence.


senior living 3 step system

3 Step Simple System

Learn a simple way to help you increase your inquiries and get the right systems in place.


Bonus: Workbook

Debunking Digital Title Page

Own Your Assets

How and why to own your digital assets.  Don't lose these to anyone including marketing agencies.


Bonus: Assets You Should Own Checklist

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Maximizing Your Google Maps

How and why to use Google Maps in your Senior Living Marketing.

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The Power Of Data

How to Use Your Paid Ad Insights to Drive Intelligent Marketing

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Leveraging Automation

How to Leverage Automation for Long-Term Success

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5 Myths of Marketing Automation

Common myths that are hurting your business if you believe them.

Managing Your Reputation

Reputation + Google My Business

Coming Soon!

Senior Living Website Design + CRO

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Understanding Your Tech Stack

Coming Soon!

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